Masters of high-energy, chest stomping, direct connect to
 your pleasure centers Music - Witch's Mark are one of the
 most magnetic and unique bands to launch from the metal 
abyss and drill straight into your soul!!!

Witch's Mark consists of five enthusiastic, passionate 
musicians whom love nothing better than sharing their 
energy and passion with their devout fan base, and using 
this unique energy and passion to draw in and recruit new 
fans and friends of all ages and genres. Witch's Mark is 
a quintet Rock/Metal band that draws inspiration from 
European and American styles of Metal, with emphasis on 
powerful clean vocals, driving & aggressive Guitars and 
Bass, thundering Percussions and backing Symphonics that 
pull the whole package together and envelop the mind in a journey of raw energy and explosive
aural orgasms. Witch's Mark has been on their musickal quest for 8 years, and the experience 
and treasures that have been gained while on this odyssey is displayed in their incredible 
stage energy, performance and showmanship. Often likened to the sounds of Nightwish, Leaves 
Eyes, Delain & Kamelot to name a few Witch's Mark is sure to leave their cherished audience 
with an adrenaline hangover and chill down the spine.

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