Photo by “Christine Leiser”

Treblehawk, formed by Smoldering Ashes and Shining Wheel Pagan Chorus alum, Brian Morse, revisits the ancient myths and legends of the ancient world with music, magic and merriment and mirth. Whether it be a blues ditty about Isis, a rollicking rocking adventure with Odin, A zydeco inspired piece about the trad witches in the Louisiana Bayous, or a touching ballad about the departure of the Oak King, Treblehawk has brought back the ancient bardic traditions. A Treblehawk concert can include elements of rock, blues, bluegrass, reggae, jazz, world music, country, and folk, all in one set. Using guitar, piano, mandolin, voice and world percussion Treblehawk weaves a spell of musical enchantment that captures your imagination, touches your soul and makes you want to dance naked in the moonlight.

Treblehawk is now in the studio working on their  CD, “Love”. This CD will be available at, and other online outlets as well as public appearances by the band when it is released this year. You can check the progress of the CD at Treblehawk’s Facebook page or at They will be posting routine updates of their recording progress with rough mixes and scratch tracks so that you can be in the studio with them as they record. Or, better yet, book them for a live performance at your next event and get a taste of the ‘Hawk unfiltered.

Treblehawk is:
Brian Morse: Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals Valerie Macri: Mandolin and Percussion and Vocals ,Along with various and assorted guest musicians.

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