Spiral Rhythm began around festival fires and drum circles. A blend of dynamic rhythms that 
pull you out of your chair and skillfully woven heartfelt harmonies that speak to the spirit 
in all of us.  
The current roster includes three founding members. Kiki Williamson vocalist/songwriter, 
Ric Neyer percussion/vocalist, and Kerri Hirsch vocalist/percussionist. 
Together they helped form the group in the late ninties and have been its core as new layers 
have added to our unique sound experiance.  Madison Cansler joined in the early 2000 with her 
vocal talent, then PJ Seale Songwriter/Percussionist, Laurel Eris was next adding her awesome 
drumming/vocals and finally our newest member Kira Lang who in addition to vocals has brought 
dance/fire spinning to the mix.  
There you have us, Welcome to our world.

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