In my childhood I performed many times upon theater stages with my parents, who were Theatricals, and was written up many times in magazine and newspaper articles about them.  My father had been a trick cyclist in his youth in addition to his many other talents, and so he (of course) taught me how to do a few bicycle tricks and to ride a unicycle — beginning at 5 years of age.  I became very good at it.  Once his agent, on a lark, booked my unicycle act on a network TV show.  I was seven at that time.

But as time went on, by the age of 8, I knew that I would become a singer.  Also by then I had begun to write poetry, songs and short stories…  My parents arraigned for me to have excellent operatic vocal training for several years and this has served well even though my heart has led me to became a rock singer.

In the 90s, I had a very popular Gothic Pop/Rock band called The Beat Poets.  We were press darlings in Nashville and had at least one national article printed about us (in the Tower Records magazine).  Every music writer in Nashville wrote about us — and multiple times — in The Nashville Banner and Nashville Tennessean newspapers, the Metro (rock magazine), Music Row Magazine, The Nashville Scene magazine and other local music publications.  Unfortunately the band broke up.  Some things are not to be…

I have continued to perform, sing and write songs and record.

A few years ago I began to write “Voices of the Stars”.  I finished it last November, and in December signed with my wonderful agent, Corinda Carfora, and in January signed a publishing contract with Permuted Press.  My 1st book has been realeased.  Yea!!!  Please, visit my author web site to find out all about it!

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