Scott Fray and Robert Reiser met in the nineties at an evangelical-christian-owned advertising agency where they both worked. Because of their mutually-inclusive pagan beliefs and their love of the same music, they forged an immediate friendship. They talked about mythology, cosmology, and spirituality far into the nights as they worked to make the endless 9 a.m. deadlines heaped upon them by their ridiculously fundamental overlords. During those long nights, Scott and Robert also talked about music and their favorite bands…Yes, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Pink Floyd. They loved the complex sonic landscapes created by these musicians, and they hoped to one day create such worlds of their own. But they needed a name…

Scott and Robert believed that, whatever it was out there that created all the ten thousand things, it was a being that encouraged diversity. Scott and Robert liked diversity too, and they wanted to reflect this belief in their music by refusing to settle on a genre or style. Also, they wanted a name that would allow them to sing about anything, from the most primal future-past to the most sacred past-future, and vice versa. Scott suggested ‘Salamander’, but Robert thought that was a bit too specific (and paid way too much homage to Jethro Tull). He then suggested ‘Pan Galactic’, and Scott liked it, so that’s who they became.

‘Mother’s Milk’ is the result of nearly fifteen years of writing, recording, and editing. Inspired by world mythology and folklore (and sometimes history), the lyrics are clever, erotic, and humorous. The music is a blend of World instruments fused with Symphonic and Rock elements with all sorts of stylistic mash-ups. It’s seventy-four minutes of beautifully layered arrangements, witty double-entendre, and brilliant solo performances. However, as the songs are decidedly pagan, those of a more christian mind might wish to avert their ears.

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