Lori Llyn (aka Lori Schneider) has been studying and performing music since her early childhood. Through the years she has developed a broad versatility as a vocalist while performing in an array of musical styles including rock, folk, blues, big band and Indian Music. In the early 1990′s she was the founding member of Crystal Rose, a popular rock/pop/folk female duo. This was where she began to seriously develop her talents as a composer, as well as her instrumental capabilities on piano, flute, and guitar.

To support the release of two albums, she performed in many small theaters and festivals in the Northeastern United States, and had the honor to sing the national anthem at Shea Stadium for 5 consecutive years. In early 2001 she began further developing an ongoing solo project, resulting in the 2004 CD release Legend:A Knight’s Opera, a medieval rock opera, containing an eclectic range of influences from classical, progressive rock, folk and world music. In early 2005, Lori chose to explore her long term interest in Indian Music, inspiring the release of her 2007 CD Evergreen Heart. Her studies included the exploration of Indian Ragas, vocal Bhajans, as well as learning to play harmonium, tambour and Bansuri Flute.

This led her into an in-depth study of Nada Yoga, which within the Eastern Traditions explores mantras and sound vibrations as tools for healing and spiritual development. In addition, Lori continues her long term study in western classical piano, and is strongly committed to her private teaching practice. With so many influences, the common thread that continues to run through all her musical endeavors is her quest for spiritual growth. “Music should always uplift and expand us in some way. I’ve come full circle, returning once again to my spiritual roots within the Women’s Mysteries. The Goddess has always been an ever present link and a never-ending source of inspiration. After many twists and turns it is wonderful to have returned once again into the arms of the Goddess and re-awakening the creative fire within.