ginfense_1“The living art of music is more than just a song ~ it’s the sound of our emotion and the telling of our tales using the language of our soul.” ginger doss

If you like to feel uplifted by a performance, if you believe in the power of music to heal, transform, and make a positive difference in the world,  if you like to dance and drum and allow the energy of music to take you to a higher place then you and I are on the same page. I strive to do all this and more with my music and for the communities I serve.  It’s how I can help the people and planet I love.

My desire for a deeper connection to the divine and to live a life in alignment with that purpose has been the constant inspiration for the path I take and the music I make.  While I was learning to play and write I listened to and loved all kinds of music. This eclectic background shows up in my song writing. You hear everything from rhythmic tribal drumming and funky rock, to heart felt ballads.  My musical spiritual journey continues to evolve and takes me many places ~ Women’s Music and Earth Spirit Festivals, house concerts and sidewalk cafes, Unity and UU churches even yoga studios.  When the music comes together with community to create an experience filled with light, energy, magic and movement, we have truly made heaven on earth and within this space we are reminded of our true infinite nature!  It all boils down to this: Spirit calls to my heart and speaks to me through my song.  It reaches through me and longs to find you. We are one, we are evolving and our joy is our true purpose. I have found mine and I truly want to bring healing light through my music. I am a new thought practitioner and believe that when you change your thoughts you change your life. And I am thinking thoughts of love and endless possibilities.

Recently my path has brought me to be the music director at the Fayetteville Center for Spiritual Living where you can find me any Sunday morning I am not on the road.   I am thankful beyond measure for the friendships I have made and continue to kindle, the energy we have shared and the light we weave together.  The healing goes both ways!  I am strengthened an uplifted by what we do together ~  THANK YOU!

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