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Ginger is a Texas native now living in Ohio. She’s taken her life-long passion for music and combined it with a love of history and tradition, and melded into a delightful style of Celtic Folk! Performing both traditional and contemporary songs, she plays her autoharp and whistles.  She is also a songwriter “in the old style” according to Andy M. Stewart of “Silly Wizard” from Scotland.

Ginger and her harps have traveled to the blue Caribbean, the glaciers of Alaska and her heart’s home, Ireland. She started performing at faires and music festivals in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, then traveled to Wyoming and Colorado before landing in Ohio.  She has found new audiences there and in Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia.  

She has shared the stage with Red McWilliams, jammed with Aoife Clancy, Jimmy Crowley, Jeb Marum, the Brobdinagian Bards, the Heritage Minstrels and the Bedlam Bards. She was a regular at the Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma Renaissance Faires where her friends gifted her with a special name, “Lark of the Clans.”

Since coming to Ohio, Ginger has found some wonderful new singing partners!  You will often find her accompanying Joe Rollin Porter or Brian Henke with her whistles.  Recently, she has formed a duo with Cleveland singer-songwriter, Jim Snively, called “Pocket Change.”  She’s also adding her whistles and harp to the Euclid group, Witch and Toad.  She often has a duet going with rising Ohio guitar star, Gary Parker (aka Major Lee) – and she is always ready to find a whistle harmony or pull a shaker out of her bag (as she quotes herself:  Music is a Participative Sport!)

Her Recordings…

In the Fall of 2014, Ginger has begun a new project – an album of ethereal music and fairy songs, being produced by Brian Henke!  Check back for progress and release information!

In 2014, she released a special recording called “Connections” that features a family history theme.  (In her “off” time, she is an avid genealogist!)  Her husband, Donovan, narrates the CD, linking all the songs as a story.  The track titled “Our Annie” is especially poignant.  Ginger wrote it in honor of Donovan’s mother, Anna May, and the family’s journey with Dementia.

“In The Old Style” is the title of Ginger’s traditional CD released in Spring 2012!  It features an all-traditional lineup.  There are special guest appearances by Joe Rollin Porter on “Wild Mountain Thyme” and by Brittany Converse on “How Can I Keep From Singing”.   Brittany plays a unique instrument, after helping to re-discover the hand made violin that Donovan Ackley’s great grandfather made by hand!  It has a delightful Appalachian sound you will love!

The title track of her 2010 CD, “It Is Time” was the winner of a song writing contest judged by Danny O’Flaherty, Aoife Clancy and Andy M. Stewart – three icons of Celtic Music. That led to collaboration with Danny on his “Secret Garden” CD, released in 2007. Ginger wrote two of the songs on that album, including the title track, and co-wrote the lyrics on a third song.  “Secret Garden” placed third in the 2008 Just Plain Folks Awards in Nashville!  

“All Earth’s Children”and is the title of a CD, program and illustrated book she has written for children.  In it, she shares stories and sings about how we are allpart of the Earth and must be good caretakers of the beauty and bounty.  “All Earth’s Children” inspired and encouraged by Danny O’Flaherty in his mission to teach children about the environment. His passion, especially for the wetlands of Louisiana, was kicked into high gear after he lost his home and business to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Live Appearances…

If you are looking for Ginger’s live music, she can be found at open mic stages and music festivals in the Northeastern Ohio area – especially in Canton and Akron.  She plays at Rider’s Inn and Euclid City Limits with Jim Snively or Steve Mramor and Witch and Toad.  If Brian Henke or Joe Rollin Porter is playing at Wolf Creek Winery or Tavern, you’ll probably find Ginger there with her whistles!  Sometimes, she will get to play with Westside Steve Simmons or Kerry Kean.    Take a look at her Calendar Page to see where she is scheduled to play.  She is a member of the Canton Folksong Society, Folknet and Acoustic Ohio.  She is more than happy to play her music wherever she can.  

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But mostly, find her music and be transported !!