Brian Henke composes and performs his music like a painter putting images on canvas, a kind of sonic shaman,
drawing his inspiration from the world around him. An avid hiker, he often brings his guitar along to create a spontaneous response to his outdoor settings. Mother Earth (Terra) as artist has given an immense living gallery
from the humbling spectacle of her natural wonders to the simple, beauty of a treetop against a blue sky.
Her majestic legacy and the magical feeling of awe and peace inspire the compositions of this award winning virtuosic fingerstyle/harp guitarist/ singer songwriter Brian’s seven instrumental solo guitar CD’s,“Many Waters”,
“Love Song for Terra”,”Force of Nature”,“The Nature of Light”,“Tree of Life”,“A Child’s Garden” and “Seven Magic Spells” are a cornucopia of sonic vistas. He celebrates the seasons, a Grand Canyon sunset, the fireside magic of an American shaman,
playful waterfalls, the color of the wind and the light of dreams to name a few.
He has just released his first vocal album “Sun and the Moon and the Stars” and will be also working on his next instrumental guitar album “Treehouse in the Stars”.
He recorded “A Crown of Stars” with Blue Feather, Dunlap and Henke, a CD that made it into the top 10 in June of 2007 on the International New Age Radio Charts and is the producer of “The Woodchoppers Ball” , a double CD featuring 26 of the worlds best acoustic guitarists released to benefit Northeast Ohio’s homeless and is the promoter of the annual benefit concert of the same name, having recently celebrated it’s 14th year.
His unique guitar style has been called everything from Folk to New Age to Neo-Classical to Pastoral or as Brian likes to call it “a big stewpot of everything, stirred up,simmered and served to taste.” His music appeals to anyone who likes their music
lyrical, thought provoking and performed with virtuosity. Through it all is an undercurrent of spirituality and mysticism that Brian saysis very much a part of the creative process. Because of this he has received radio air play all over the world on
shows as varied as WKSU’s “Folk Alley” and John Dilberto’s “Echoes”. He has also shared the bill or performed with acts as diverse as “Yes”, “The Strawbs” ,“Bill Frisell”, “Linda Ronstadt”,“Glass Harp”, Wendy Rule, Steve Morse”, Yngvie Malmsteen”, “Robin and Linda Williams”,“Richie Havens”,“John Prine”, “Christine Lavin”,“Dar Williams”, ”The Kingston Trio”, ”Alison Brown”, ”Adrian Belew”,”Spiro Gyra, and many of the best acoustic guitarists in the world including “Andy McKee”,”Pete Huttlinger”, “Phil Keaggy”,”Alex DeGrassi”,”Stephen Bennett”,”John Doan”,”Beppe Gambetta”, Doug Smith”,”Dan Crary”, Laurence Juber and many, many others.
A winner of many acoustic and electric guitar awards, he has also been a finalist in the prestigious National Fingerstyle Contest in Winfield, Kansas, the National Guitarmageddon regional finals in Boston and in New Age Reporters Top 10 for 2006
and 2010.“Brian’s fretwork is masterful, elaborate and he makes every note count
His compositions are harmonious, sometimes complicated, but always engaging
Henke’s music is organic, mesmerizing and best of all magic.
”   RJ Lannon New Age Reporter
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