Black Sun Prophets are pioneering a new genre of metal that we call Craft Metal. We use this new genre to differ from “Pagan Metal’s” guttural/screamed vocals, and “Pagan Folk Metal” which traditionally is composed of pagan themed songs and an attempted revival of old school folk instruments and melodies.

In contrast, Craft Metal song themes center around the spiritual aspect of Paganism, Pagan daily living, and the sharing of wisdom through song and dance. All while helping fellow Pagan communities form strong, long lasting, unifying bonds. We do this out in the open and with no spiritual boundaries.

Listen closely to our songs and you will find Pagan-Spiritual Wisdom within the lyrics.

Originally formed in 2012, Black Sun Prophets is the vision and manifestation of singer /songwriter Armando Almirall, aka The Witch Doctor and guitarist / composer Bill “Monad” Cruz.

Armando is a Pagan Spiritualist, a Spiritual Healer and Teacher. He and his wife owned and operated one of Miami’s leading metaphysical and occult supply shops known as The Witch’s Garden. Now serving all your metaphysical needs virtually, through their online shop of the same name.

Bill is a self taught guitarist and composer who has been playing since the age of 14. Born a southpaw he plays a right-handed guitar held lefty while strung upside down and backwards as for a righty. A multifaceted artist in and of this digital age, he has a digital project studio which he calls Mystic Sound Studio, is a web designer and digital graphics artist.