arthurhinds Cover ArtI’ve been a singer, guitarist, percussionist, and songwriter for Celtic-American folk rock band Emerald Rose since 1996. Being a singer-songwriter, however, has been part of my musical life since I was a teenager, and my solo endeavors return to this root. Many of my songs take their inspiration from the mystical path, Earth-centered spirituality, and Celtic mythology. In addition, I’m a storyteller, stage magician, and former actor and dancer, so I have many performance skills to draw on.

I love performing live, whether it’s at a coffee house, pub, theater, festival, party, or house concert. There’s nothing like being in the moment, making music and connecting with an audience! I also enjoy presenting shows that integrate music, storytelling, and magic, or music and Celtic/bardic history.
The Internet has totally freed things up–people living in Johannesburg or Moscow can hear my music and buy it instantly. The Internet also allows me to explore and hear bands I’ve never encountered before, and it lets me turn my friends on to great new stuff, too.

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